Tuesday, March 1, 2011

where did february go?

sorry for the slight delay...emerson, sprite and my computer had a slight adventure.

my computer lost.

we found a store that was run by a german man who sells german beer and fixes computers. he said one day....two weeks later the computer is back in the house....it still is a little sticky, but it works well enough.

so...i am going to be updating like crazy over the next few days to make up for the past few weeks.

can you believe it is already march?

anyway, stay tuned for more...but until then here are a few photos of the kids in no particular order.

sawyer is trying hard to stand up with out help...she has been successful a few times

our teammate nathan is reading a book to emerson and carter

carter shows off his bowling skills at karen's birthday party

sawyer with our teammate elsa

getting ready for some kung fu panda moves

another amazing pose

how handsome...

our girls!

man...i love this smile.

and this smile!

daddy/daughter date...about to leave for dinner and shopping.

bath time!

daddy and baby girl

so sweet.



  1. I'm in love with your kids and these precious photos. Just want to hug those babies. We better see you around golf tourney time if you're coming :)

  2. they are so precious. sawyer is an exact copy of emerson...it's unbelievable! carter's kung fu moves are totally awesome and intimidating. please tell him that i'm scared of him now. glad to see y'all are doing so well!