Friday, January 14, 2011

and we are back...

To say that I am bad at keeping blogs going would be an understatement. This will be my fifth attempt to keep up a blog. My problem is that I look around and see how crazy amazing some of the blogs are out there and I want to have one like that. One with pictures, videos, links, cool know what I am talking about. So basically I get that stuck in my head and then just stare at my computer screen for a few hours until I close it without a blog post and leave defeated.

So...with that being said, I am going about this blog a little differently. I can't promise punctuality or creativity, but my goal is to keep people updated with just how life with the coopers and in mexico really are going. It could be just photos at times, posts about ministry other days, or on the rare occasion that I get enough sleep to think profoundly or just a few minutes alone without having to duck away in the bathroom or run an errand, I might just have a super thought provoking post (but don't hold your breath for too many).

Alrighty....well, I guess I will have to give a short post on who we are for those who may stumble across this blog, but that will have to be next time. I am off to change a diaper.

until then...



  1. YES! love it!!!! love how your layout matches your AMAZING pictures.

  2. Bring it on girl! Love the new photos. You have the cutest family.

  3. I just like hearing for you - don't worry about the bells and whistles! Love your updates!!