Monday, January 17, 2011

a little house cleaning and 10...

so we need to do a little catch-up before this blog really is ready. over the next few weeks, look for top ten(ish) fall semester things and a quick christmas update scattered between daily happenings and life updates.

today....#10: Fall Retreat

Every semester we have a retreat for the students. In the fall, we try to go up to some of the mountains that are close to puebla. This year we went to Malinche. We invited some local missionaries to come and talk to the students about relationships. A topic that our students are struggling with greatly. The weekend looked a little like this: worship and talks, personal devotions, eating and snacking, hang out time, the amazing race, and the annual box-car race. The amazing race included creating and drinking a drink of condiments (gross), puzzles, physical obstacles, creating a box-car and team cheer. Great fun, lots of laughter, deep talks late into the night, bonfire was just a great weekend. And the best thing...students lives were changed and left the retreat thinking about how God loves them and wants more for them.

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