Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fall Recap #8... En Vivo

WELL....for those of you who don't know, en vivo is the name of our weekly tuesday night bible study. en vivo is our big event of the week. it has videos, sketches, worship music before and after the talk, a 20-30 minute bible study talk, announcements, first timer introductions, and free dinner. it is an awesome night of community and learning.

this fall we had a semester long theme.... pozopalooza tour 2010: the bible. it was great. something we noticed is that our students just don't have a great understanding of the bible. so it was important for us to take them through the greatest book out there. we started in genesis and just went until we ended up at revelation.

students seemed to really enjoy the semester and lots of students commented on what they were learning. our students and staff alike were excited about experiencing the bible as one big story of God’s love and not just this book that we pull verses or concepts from and talk about week to week.

we also put a few special en vivo topics every 4 weeks or so. a few times, we changed the entire flow of the night. we set up small tables and served finger foods upstairs. then we played videos by rob bell called nooma videos. they are great...about 15 minutes, thought provoking but easy to understand, and in english with spanish subtitles. after the videos, one staff member would stand up to give about a 5 to 10 minute discussion and then the students grouped up to answer questions among one another. it was a great way to get them involved, change things up a little, and teach some great lessons.

another week, we had a focus on poverty. each day, students gave up something: shoes, vehicles, food, money, etc. it was wonderful to be able to open their eyes to needs around the world. at en vivo, we interviewed a student named moi. he is awesome and spent his summer serving in kenya. he talked about his experience and showed pictures. to top it off, we ate an authentic kenyan dish for dinner.

en vivo is so much...but it is a great opportunity to have community, fellowship, and growth all in one night.

here are a few photos of the semester:

pre-en vivo music while students show up

greeting students in our beach gear to remind them about beach baptisms sign-up

preparing molletes (bread boats with beans, cheese, and pico) for 90 plus people takes lots of bread

dancing before en vivo begins...lots of fun

hanging out with a cup of coffee...the best

members of the worship band

just a look from where i was sitting one night

nathan, our team leader, introducing the bible to the students one night

kami, team member, in the middle of teaching

nathan...dressed up as nathan the prophet...during one of his talks

nathan interviewing moi about his time in kenya

moi challenging his peers to go and serve

andrea leading worship after the bible study

our interns, carly and rada, starting first timers introductions

first timers...eating their brownie and answering questions

a few students helping hand out fliers and brownies to first timers

dancing and hanging out afterwards

waiting in line for dinner

signing up for small groups

serving dinner with a smile

dinner time

dinner with friends

a few announcements on top of the pozo (well)

good conversations after dinner

a look out the front door after a great night of fellowship

thanks for looking at all the helps give an idea of the amazing things that God is doing every tuesday night. if you ever want to come down....there is a world famous brownie waiting for you at first timers!


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